Retiree Space on New University HR Website

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February 4, 2013

Click on the "Website Feedback" link in the footer of this website to share feedback. Include your mailing address to get your UHR calendar.

"One of our key goals was to help retirees and prospective retirees quickly get to the information they needed," stated Valerie Beeman, UHR’s Director of Communications and Web Services in the Communications department. "We conducted focus groups and individual interviews with members of all of our key audiences to learn about their frustrations, and then tried to address those issues with the new structure where key information is 'aggregated' onto special pages."

A testing session, which included retirees, was held prior to the site launch, and feedback was used to add important information to the page before it was finalized.

Of course, no website is ever completely "finished," so UHR is running a contest now to gather feedback: the first 20 retirees who visit the new Retirees page and then click the "Website Feedback" link in the footer to give any specific feedback will receive a 2013 UHR wall calendar, with photos of Stanford employees and iconic buildings. The "Website Feedback" link pre-populates your email program or you can simply send an email to: uhrwebmaster@stanford.edu with your feedback. Include your mailing address to get your calendar.

Speaking of calendars, the new website includes an online calendar (it’s printable and sharable, too) that lists all events and activities sponsored by UHR. Most events are targeted for current employees, but there are some events available to everyone, so we hope you’ll bookmark the Retirees page as well as the UHR online calendar for future use!