New Website Launches for University HR

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January 15, 2013

After months of gathering input and planning, University Human Resources (UHR) has launched its new website, which includes a completely new look and feel, a host of new features, and repackaging of information about UHR’s programs, departments, and services. “Our vision to provide stellar service to the community is to a great degree supported by the effectiveness of our website, since we know how important it is to be able to quickly get online information these days, whether in our offices or on a mobile device,” stated David Jones, UHR Vice President.

The project began in spring 2012, as part of a comprehensive plan to restructure the UHR website to be a gateway that encompasses all the HR functions with uniform landing pages, including both topical and role-based access to key information. Some sites have already been completely redesigned; for example, the first new site completed was the Stanford Careers site, launched in September 2012. The UHR site is now launched, and the next website undergoing a redesign is the Administrative Guide site, due to launch in early spring quarter. A multi-year plan to review all departmental sites within UHR for a redesign is also underway. Acknowledging this significant effort, Linda Lee, Associate Vice President of Communications and Executive Compensation, who manages the communications group for UHR, “We’re confident the new site is headed in the right direction and look forward to hearing from our target audiences as they use the site to gauge if we’ve accurately interpreted the feedback we’ve received. It’s important we have continuous client feedback on how well we are helping them feel connected and informed through one of our main communication channels.”

During the user gathering phase of the UHR site redesign project, over 300 employees, retirees, and postdocs were asked to respond to an online survey and/or be individually interviewed. “We needed to know what folks wanted from the UHR site and what they weren’t getting that was causing frustration,” shared Valerie Beeman, Director of UHR Communications and Web Services. “We then structured the site and included features that will hopefully mean folks can easily find the information they’re looking for.” User testing was conducted in November, with faculty, staff, retirees, and postdocs using the new site and giving detailed feedback about their experience. Revisions were made based on the themes that surfaced during user testing, and the site finalized. A sneak preview with screen shots of the new site was posted prior to winter closure.

New features include:

  • Landing pages for faculty, staff, retirees, postdocs, and people managers to have key information related to your affiliation in one place

  • An online calendar of all events, training, activities, and workshops for employees was created so you can see employee-related events at a glance, share event information with others, and even print the calendar if desired
  • A new listing of Stanford Sweeteners—all the reasons why it’s so “sweet” to work at Stanford—is on the site, with information about employee discounts, fun things to do on campus, and useful services you may not already know about
  • Visitors to the site can vote on topics presented in a new Quick Poll on the home page
  • The UHR Newsroom contains recent and archived articles, Stanford Employee Insider and Stanford Retiree Insider newsletters, YouTube videos, a link to UHR’s Twitter feed, and a form to nominate an employee to be featured in the Cardinal Careers columns that frequently appear in the Stanford Employee Insider

A contest with prizes is being held for those who take the time to click the ‘Website Feedback’ link on the new site and send any feedback to UHR Communications about the site. Those who submit feedback (and identify themselves) will receive a limited edition UHR 2013 wall calendar in ID Mail that includes employment-related dates and photos of current faculty, staff, and postdocs. In addition, those who submit feedback will be entered into a prize drawing for various gift cards and a grand prize of a new iPad Mini, to be given in early February.


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