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September 22 Fall HIP & CardinalRec classes start

Fall HIP classes start today and run through Friday December 5th, 2014.

Check the HIP website for healthy living classes and the Cardinal Rec website for fitness and that may still be open.

September 24 The Trauma of Everyday Life

Many of us associate trauma with major disasters. However, trauma permeates our daily lives in many forms—relationships end, things break, people hurt our feelings, friends get sick, parents age, teens rebel, and careers end. The list is endless. In a rush to feel and act normal, many of us may avoid dealing with the pain of these life experiences and can end up feeling isolated and stuck. The willingness and courage to face our everyday traumas and heal from them will enable us to build resilience and successfully navigate our way through life.  

In this innovative workshop you will learn skills to:

  • Identify everyday indicators of trauma in self and/or loved ones.  
  • Identify reasons why you may be feeling stuck in your personal and/or professional lives.  
  • Ways to help your brain get back on track and heal from the trauma of being human. 

Location: Cypress-North Conference Room, Tresidder Memorial Union, 459 Lagunita Dr. (campus map»)

RSVP: Please register by contacting the Help Center at 650-723-4577 or

About the Speaker: Erin Hwasta is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Palo Alto with over ten years of experience in the field of trauma and specializes in the treatment of sexual trauma. For more information please visit her website,

Free and open to all faculty, staff, postdocs and retirees of Stanford University, LPCH and Stanford Hospital and clinics; eligible dependents may also attend. “Be Well Berries” available for eligible employees. Workshop co-sponsored by Stanford’s WorkLife Office and Faculty Staff Help Center.

September 30 Monthly Caregiver Seminar

This month's topic:
Giving Up the Car Keys and Moving Forward: A Conversation About Values and Difficult Decision-Making

The decision to stop driving for most is a time of loss and fear about being “stuck” at home and losing one’s independence. We avoid these conversations because we don't want to depress our loved ones. However, we're concerned about their safety and that of our community.

This seminar will focus on how to help families and friends go through the decision-making process about when it's time to stop driving and how to move forward. This is not a discussion about “old age and fragility” but about timing and one’s personal values. Please come willing to share experiences, concerns and ideas, such as:

• What do we do about other unsafe conditions?
• What are the signs and indicators that one’s driving is unsafe?
• What is the role of the physician, the DMV and your loved ones in this process?

Location: Poplar Training Room, 215 Panama St.,
Poplar Modular (near Acacia & Birch Modulars)
see campus map»

More Information: Monthly Caregiver Seminars