Form & Instructions

Employees and others who have been identified as Mandated Reporters for Child Abuse are required to sign the online “Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status” form. Please see the instructions below for printing out the materials and signing the form.

A copy of the Acknowledgement Form and Penal Code provisions should be downloaded and reviewed prior to signing the Form.

After reviewing the materials, follow the instructions below to enroll and launch the online form, “Stanford University Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status.” Make sure the popup blocker is turned off for your browser before you launch the following link.


  • Login to Axess (SUNet ID required) and click the STARS (Training) tab
  • Search catalog for "Mandated Reporter"
  • Click the“Enroll” button
  • On next page, click “Continue” button
  • Click “Launch” button
  • Click “I agree”“
  • Click "Submit” to complete your acknowledgement